What makes an Ideal Cut Diamond-Ideal?

Diamonds must be cut to “ideal proportions” in order to create the spectacular balance of brilliance and fire-the “sparkle” you see when admiring an Ideal Cut Diamond.

Most people want a beautiful diamond to show their love and prestige or to mark
a significant occasion. The only aspect of a diamond’s quality and beauty that’s not pre-determined by nature is how a diamond is cut. A diamond should be cut to show the ideal balance of brilliance, fire, and scintillation-The Ideal Cut.

When you get right down to it, the difference between color and clarity is so slight that it’s difficult to judge and compare. But when you compare an Ideal Cut Diamond with an average cut diamond, it becomes easy-the Ideal Cut Diamond looks far superior.

Furthermore, an Ideal Cut Diamond of any color/clarity combination is more beautiful than a normal diamond of a slightly higher color/clarity grade. In other words, the difference in cutting creates the beauty-while the color and clarity accentuate it.

Remember: when it comes to size and carat weight, a heavier bigger diamond is NOT always better.

The Ideal Cut Diamond makes the most of what nature’s color/clarity combinations can be. Anything less than an Ideal Cut is simply-less.